Horseplay Training - Experiment. Play. Learn.
Located in Lawrence, Kansas.  Contact Liz at 785-393-4852 or for sales and information.

Horseplay Training offers lessons for beginners to advanced riders, in both Western and English disciplines, employing Centered Riding techniques.  You're welcome to bring your horse out, or use a lesson horse.  Lessons include training on the whole horse, including riding, grooming, and general care.  ALL students are required to wear safety attire including an approved riding helmet (limited number available to borrow) and sturdy boots with a smooth sole and a notched heel.  All students/parents will be asked to read and sign a safety agreement and liability waiver. (All rates effective April 1, 2012.)
  • First lesson is only $15!! This allows rider, trainer, and parents (where applicable) to determine if a good working relationship can be established and continued.
  • BEGINNING APRIL 1, 2012 there will be a $7.50 flat fee for each lesson. This is a fee required by White Oak Ranch to help offset the cost of extra human and horse traffic in their facilities. No discount is available on this fee if you're buying a lesson package.
  • Lesson horse fee for White Oak Ranch horses is $7.50/lesson.
  • 1-hour private lessons are $30; facility and lesson horse fees are additional.
  • Half-hour private lessons are $20; facility and lesson horse fees are additional.
  • Groups of two MAY be accommodated depending on the riders' abilities.  In that case, hour lessons are $40 each and half-hour are $30 each (prices include facility/horse fees).
  • If you have more than one horse that you wish to take lessons on, or more than one family member wanting to take lessons, and the lessons can be conducted consecutively, the first hour is $40 and any additional hour is $35.
  • I do travel within about a 20 mile radius to teach lessons and train for an additional $5 trip charge per session. Additional fee to travel further. Subject to schedule availability.
              Buy 4 lessons, get 5% off (total cost $174 private/$155 semi-private, 1-hour lessons)
              Buy 8 lessons, get 10% off (total cost $336 private/$300 semi-private, 1-hour lessons)
              Buy 12 lessons, get 15% off (total cost $486 private/$435 semi-private, 1-hour lessons)
                   (Only one discount type per client/family.  The best discount available is what will be                              offered.)


Horseplay Training offers teaching for the horse too, from ground manners to starting horses under saddle to horses that just need a little tuning up.  Call for a free 1-hour consultation so that your horse can be evaluated to determine his/her needs, and so that you can view my methods.  At the end of this session either party can determine whether or not to continue the relationship.  Depending on what your horse needs, training may be done on your property, but it is likely that the horse may need consistent work and attention, which would necessitate moving the animal to White Oak Ranch (just west of Lawrence) or Running R Stables (south of Clinton Lake) for the most effective training to take place.
  • Training at your home/facility consists of 1-hour sessions with a trip fee: $30 + mileage
  • Full-time training of 5-6 work days/week: $100/week ($400/month)
  • Half-time training of 2-3 work days/week: $50/week ($200/month)
  • Pre-pay package discounts available.
It is STRONGLY recommended that at least 1 hour per week is with the horse AND the owner - ultimately, that's the relationship that needs to be developed.

Board is not included in training prices. At Running R, pasture board is $200/month, full-service pasture board starts at $250, and full-service stall board starts at $450. At White Oak Ranch, pasture board is $260/month, self-care stall board is $295, and full-care stall board is $450. 

  • Training tailored to the goals and needs of you and your horse. Horses are individuals too, so there's no formula for training. Sessions could be 30 minutes, they could be 3 hours. Some days might see two work sessions.
  • At least one free lesson/week. Owners are invited to be as involved as possible. Observe and/or be a part of training sessions any time.
  • Body work for your horse. I employ TTOUCH techniques when horses will benefit from them. This includes stretching and hands-on techniques to help the horse be relaxed, comfortable, and aware of themselves. I won't hesitate to recommend a vet, chiropractor, or massage therapist for your horse if I believe it will be beneficial.
  • A log of your horse's time with me. Every work session will be documented and given to you, either during the training time or upon completion.
  • A long-term plan for you and your horse. Once you take your horse home, training doesn't stop!  I'll develop a program to help keep you and your equine partner on track and progressing. And I'm always available for questions at any time during and after training.
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