Horseplay Training - Experiment. Play. Learn.
Located in Lawrence, Kansas.  Contact Liz at 785-393-4852 or for sales and information.

These individuals have all agreed to receive contact via phone or e-mail if you have any other questions for them.
An e-mail I received on July 23, 2014, after meeting with a prospective student:
Olivia and I enjoyed our time with you this afternoon. Thank you for your time. She’s going boot and helmet shopping with me in the a.m. before she flies back home in the p.m. 

I can hardly wait for my first lesson with you. This will be a long awaited dream fulfilled for me. At 68, I’m finally going to ride again. Hope I can handle it all; if determination helps, I’m already there!

See you a week from Monday.

Leza had her first lesson with me on March 9, 2008.  Below is an e-mail I received from her just a few days later.

From: Leza Weber <>
Date: Tue, March 11, 2008 7:32 pm


I just wanted to let you know that I got to ride tonight. She remembered everything from last Sunday. Every time she began to speed up, I took a breath and sat back and she slowed right down and dropped her head. She was a little unfocused to begin with but as soon as I sat back and tapped on the rein and she dropped her head. I knew when I was sitting right because my butt was sore. I rode her for about an hour and I didn't even have to tap the rein to keep her head down at the end. I just walked and trotted, like you said.

I want to keep working on the western for now if that is ok with you. It was so amazing how much she remembered. This is all thanks to you.

See you on Sunday.


April 2008

We have known Liz for 6 years as a rider and were delighted when she began training horses professionally.  Having watched Liz work through issues with her horse Uno and seeing her help other riders work through their issues, we were confident she would do an excellent job with our challenging young horse.  Liz has helped us work through a multitude of problems with empathy, humor and a keen eye.  She has taught both the horse and rider to relax and teaches in a manner that is geared towards the rider’s learning style whether visual or verbal.  Liz has a solid understanding of the principles of riding, a natural ability to convey her knowledge and a good understanding of both natural horsemanship and centered riding which are utilized during each lesson.  She has taught us to trust our horse and, in turn, has taught us how to earn our young horse’s trust.  In the past 2 years of training with Liz, we are thrilled with the progress our horse has made.
Staci & Drew Kemerling


April 2008

Liz has worked for Tall Oaks Conference Center as a part-time instructor since late spring 2005. She impressed me right away with her innovative ways of explaining simple concepts to our beginner riders. As a teacher she understands how to keep the group engaged and working towards good communication skills as well as good form in the saddle. I hope to maintain a long relationship with Liz for the benefit of our riders and the horses that we use in our lesson programs.
Barb Deaver
Director of Equine Programs
Tall Oaks Conference Center


March 2011

Thank you for accompanying me to the KHJA show this weekend! Parry learned a lot and I know I did too!!! - Angela Heili

March 2008

I have been receiving lessons from Liz for almost a year and I have been nothing but pleased with the experiences.  The way she presents the lessons are very easy to understand.  She is animated and fun to learn from!  I am experienced in western riding, but not in dressage, and as an experienced rider, she presents herself to me as very knowledgeable.  Her prices are very reasonable and the content of the lesson is awesome.  I am a very good friend of hers, and even as friends she is able to stay on task and not allow casual conversation to dilute the lesson.  She is very good at what she does.  I recommend her to anyone interested in really learning to ride and to ride correctly. 

Angela Heili

July 2008

Note: I've been working with a young woman, Sarah, for several months now.  She's a young adult with Asperger's Syndrome (  I take her to see her horse twice a week and work with her on some basic things, though she's already quite a good rider.  Here's what her father had to say

"After watching Liz for 5 minutes with our horse and my 25 year old daughter, I knew she was a perfect fit."

Sarah's parents, Frank and Susan, can be reached at 785-843-8321.

I have also worked annually with Barb Deaver (above) and her horse activities for the Muscular Dystrophy Camp held at the Tall Oaks center.  It's a joy to see a person in a wheelchair get on a horse, and what a grin they have!  I am NOT certified to work with major disabilities, but I do have some experience with students with minor physical limitations.

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